List of publications

David Parry

Peer reviewed publications

  • Yadav S, Parry DG, Beare NAV, Pearce IA. Polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy: a common type of neovascular age-related macular degeneration in Caucasians. British Journal of Ophthalmology Published Online First: 07 March 2017. doi: 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2016-310074.
  • MacCormick, IJC, Maude RJ, Beare NAV, Borooah S, Glover S, Parry D, Leach S, Molyneux ME, Dhillon B, Lewallen S, Harding SP. Grading fluorescein angiograms in malarial retinopathy. Malaria Journal 2015;14:367; doi:10.1186/s12936-015-0897-7.
  • Zhao Y, MacCormick IJC, Parry DG, Beare NAV, Harding SP, Zheng Y. Automated detection of vessel abnormalities on fluorescein angiogram in malarial retinopathy. Scientific Reports 2015;5:11154.1-14.
  • Zhao Y, MacCormick IJC, Parry DG, Leach S, Beare NAV, Harding SP. Automated detection of leakage in fluorescein angiography images with application to malarial retinopathy. Scientific Reports 2015;5:10425; doi: 10.1038/srep10425.
  • Farnell DJJ, Hatfield F, Knox PC, Reakes M, Spencer S, Parry D, Harding S. Enhancement of blood vessels in digital fundus photographs via the application of multiscale line operators. Journal of the Franklin Institute. 2008;345:748-765.

Published abstracts

  • Harding SP, Reeves BC, Muldrew A, Parry D, Rogers CA, Sahni JN, Peto T, Chakravarthy U, NetWORC UK, IVAN study group. The Relationship between Haemorrhage and OCT Signs and the Likelihood of Neovascular AMD being Active during Follow-up: Data from the IVAN study. ARVO 2013.
  • Kwong MT, Zheng Y, Parry D, Raj A, Sahni JN, Harding SP. Automated detection of leakage sites in fundus fluorescein angiography for diabetic retinopathy. The 23rd EASDec 2013 Meeting; Barcelona, Spain: EASDec 2013.
  • Zheng Y, Parry D, Morphis G, Harding S. Motion-free stereo fluorescein angiogram (FA) sequence. ARVO 2012.
  • Madhusudhan S, Parry D, Lenfestey P, Deane J, Briggs MC, The role of the AMD Rapid Access Clinic (RAC) as a key element in the infrastructure of AMD services, facilitating early diagnosis and treatment for patients. RCO Annual Congress, May 2011.
  • Lu H, Zheng Y, Parry D, Deane J, Harding SP. Automated Assessment of Retinal Image Quality using Support Vector Machine. ARVO/ISIE Imaging Conference, April 2011;1:78.
  • Zheng Y, Campa C, Stangos AN, Parry D, Deane J, Sahni JN, Harding SP. Fast interactive segmentation of fluid spaces in fourier-domain OCT images of the retina. ARVO/ISIE, May 2010. Inv Ophth Vis Sci. 51:1784.