Modified 3-Standard Fields

Calibration Field (CF):The whole of the optic disc and macula must be visible in the field.
Field 1M - Optic Disc:Centre the temporal edge of the optic disc at the intersection of the cross hairs. The optic disc will be off centre providing a partial view of the macula.
Field 2 - Macula:Centre the macula at the intersection of the cross hairs in the ocular. A suitable position can often be obtained by rotating the camera temporally from the Field 1 position. Please note that centre macula is below the centre of the optic disc. Lower the field as necessary.
Field 3M - Temporal to Macula:Position the intersection of the cross hairs in the ocular 1.0-1.5DD temporal to the centre of the macula. In this position, the macula will appear mid-way between the edge and the centre of the monitor view.

Tip: It may be easier to achieve the correct F3M field definition by using the internal fixator and then removing it just prior to taking the photograph.

Standard fields