Fundus Photography

Tips & Points to Remember

  • Make sure the ocular crosshairs are in focus before you begin, check regularly.
  • Use small pupil setting only when necessary.
  • Always maximise the separation between the two members of a stereo pair in order to achieve the best possible stereo effect.
  • Stereo images should be captured at all times.
  • Only use the internal fixator when necessary. It is possible to quickly remove it just before taking the shot.
  • Only use the 35 degree angle of view or the cameras equivalent. Use the wider view on additional shots if the lesion extends beyond the 35 degree view.
  • For the colour sequence, Fields F1M (Optic Disc), F2 (macula) and F3M (Temporal to Macula) should all be captured in stereo. In addition a Calibration field (CF) with both disc and macula centred on the image should be taken in mono. The anterior, fundus reflex shot can be in mono. Field F2 should include some or the entire optic disc.
  • Watch for image blooming in the early FA frames, reduce flash if necessary.
  • Field F1 study eye should be captured at approx 45 sec.
  • Don’t over shoot during the FA, read and understand the protocol.
  • FA sequence should be shot out to 10 min.
  • File formats should only be TIFF, JPEG (with appended FA times) or DICOM for Zeiss systems.
  • Do not send Windows Bitmap or GIF files.